Care Instructions


All Ganor Dominic shoes are hand-made in Italy where they benefit from the highest levels of craftsmanship.


To preserve the beauty of your pair, we recommend:

- Keeping the shoes away from direct sunlight and heat;

- Avoid rubbing the shoes with rough or abrasive materials;

- In case of marking, consult a cleaning specialist or a shoe repairer.


Our shoes should be handled with care and stored in their original dust bag after each use.


By treating your pair with care and attention, you will be rewarded with a staple wardrobe piece that can last a lifetime.


Our materials are meticulously sourced and selected by experts each season, from the best Italian tanning and textile suppliers. Depending on the particular characteristics of each material, your shoes must be cared for in a particular way.


Smooth and Grained Leathers

Smooth and grained leathers require regular care. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight or humidity for extended periods. Clean with the help of a soft and dampened cloth. Once the leather is dry, you may polish it in circular strokes using a colorless wax and soft cloth.


Tanned Leathers

Vegetable-tanned leathers: as the leather is not artificially treated, it is subject to natural oxidation, resulting in visible colour changes over time. Clean with the help of a soft and dampened cloth. Once the leather is dry, you may polish it in circular strokes using a colorless wax and soft cloth.


Suede Leathers

The suede leathers are among the most sensitive. Extreme care must be taken, particularly with water or rain as the colour may fade or stain. To preserve the velvety texture of these leathers, gently rub with a soft brush. If your shoes have been in contact with water, let them dry before cleaning them. Take special care to minimize the tendency to lose texture and colour over time. However, this cannot be completely eliminated. We also advise you to be careful when wearing light colored clothing with colored footwear.


Patent Leather

Patent leathers are produced using complex dyeing techniques. They are indeed very delicate and must be cleaned with a soft dampened light colored cloth and then dried with a clean dry cloth. Do not store the shoes in any kind of plastic bag. In order to avoid any potential color migration, do not place patent leather shoes in prolonged contact with other materials. Avoid placing them near sources of heat or in contact with any alcohol derivatives.


Metallized Leathers

These are made from a leather upon which a light film of metal is applied. Due to these characteristics, avoid contact with alcohol derivatives and avoid potential scratching. Clean with the help of a soft and dry cloth. They can also be polished in circular strokes using colorless wax and a soft cloth.



As the textiles used are made using cutting and sewing techniques, they are highly sensitive to fraying. Avoid scratching or scrubbing of any kind in order to preserve the threads.

We recommend the application of a rubber protection on leather soles as the material is extremely smooth and might get slippery.