At autumn-winter 2019 fashion weeks all over the world, extravagant designer shoes and unusual heel shapes were presented in all their glory – showcasing a unique and experimental take on one of women’s favourite wardrobe items. Ganor Dominic has experimented with this element since the very first collection.

Ganor Dominic is a unique brand of women’s shoes, designed in London and influenced by art, fashion and sculpture. The signature women’s shoes with faces are at the heart of the brand identity. Extravagant elements such as faces, digital prints and tassels have become brand staples included in each collection to this day.

Signature women’s shoes

Ganor Dominic’s classic Apollo marble pumps are an extravagant take on your classic black shoe. Wear with just about anything to add an unexpected touch of glamour to your outfits.

Ganor Dominic’s best-selling Ares boots are everyone’s favourite for a reason. As comfortable as they are stylish, this avant-garde style will smoothly take you from day to night. Wear with your favourite leather jacket.

This extravagant women’s style comes back collection after collection, and frequently sells out as soon as it’s released. A fashion crowd’s favourite, wear your Enyo boots with high waist shorts or tucked in skinny jeans to feel their true power.

Designer women’s shoes seem to be looking in the direction of avant-garde fashion, whilst still remaining popular and stylish, and we certainly approve.

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