It’s a time in history in which legacy shoe brands are fighting for relevance and fast fashion is destroying established footwear brands and retailers. The world of fashion seems to be in a state of turmoil. Unsurprisingly, new niche designer shoe brands are making the best out of the situation because of their quick adaptability and keen eye on popular footwear trends.

Fashion consumers seem more interested in stylish shoes from niche brands they can relate to, which appeal to them on a personal level, rather than bigger mass market designer brands.

It’s for these reasons that niche brands like Ganor Dominic have been gaining more traction in the world of footwear as of recent. Ganor Dominic is a unique niche brand of women’s footwear, designed in London and influenced by art, fashion and sculpture. The signature women’s shoes with faces are at the heart of the brand identity, and the brand’s stylish elements such as faces, digital prints and tassels have become brand staples included in each collection to this day.

Having developed a niche customer base and focus in the market, carving your own space as a designer brand has become a necessity, especially for niche footwear brands. This means creating a brand that has a very clear style, attitude, aesthetic and set of values. More than before, niche designer footwear brands must be versatile and present collections with multi use characteristics. It’s for this reason that Ganor Dominic’s niche women’s footwear brand has steadily grown season after season, always presenting on-brand designer shoe options in their collections.

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